About Us

Sonçağ Orman Ürünleri was founded in 1940 by the deceased Abdurrahman Sonçağ as a company operating in the forestry products logistics sector with horse-drawn carriage at the Konak Pier port.

In 1966, Sonçağ progressed with fast and confident steps and laid the foundations of today’s strong formation that gives the directions to the sector. Sonçağ has created a strong brand in the country’s economy with the production of wooden tangerines cases, fig boxes, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage cases.

Sonçağ started pallet production in 1983, where it has a large share in the pallet market today. Soncag continued its success as the second company to get the EPAL production license in Turkey. Continuously developing and taking firm steps towards the future, Sonçağ continues to expand its activities in 2004 with its modern production facility, in Yazıbaşı location of Torbalı district of İzmir, with the production of all kinds of wooden pallets, collars, timbers and chips. Sonçağ, who has been determined to carry the image of the company to the future with blending the trust, performance, synergy and prestige that is the return of brand continuity since 1940, existed for half century and more and will continue to exist in the future.